Spring 2024: ELA Test Prep Palooza!

Who: I collaborated with Laura Kebart from Language Arts Teachers to put together a two-day conference all about best practices with test prep.

What: Test Prep Palooza was created to bring you image-rich, workshop-style interviews with realistic, down-to-earth teacher guest experts (Hi, I’m one of them!) who have helpful advice to share with middle school reading and writing teachers as we roll into testing season. (This advice is valuable for High School teachers as well!)

Why: Test prep doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. We are providing some strategies and resources that have worked for us beyond testing season.

As a featured guest speaker, I am talking about how to teach students to elaborate better in their writing (something we need all year round!). You’ll walk away with a few specific teaching strategies you can implement any time of year.

When & Where: The way this professional development offering works is you can purchase the Golden Ticket and get access to additional lessons and all of the sessions without an expiration date. Watch any time that’s convenient for you!

How: Click here to learn more about the agenda and topics.


*If you purchase the golden ticket, you will receive my student-facing elaboration video immediately as a thank you for your support! Just check your inbox for the link after purchasing your ticket.